Helen's  Priorities

Public Safety

It is not enough to talk about cutting crime without finding the root causes of crime and solutions. Currently, I work with community groups to identify the challenges and opportunities that our law enforcement agencies face. As your representative on City Council, I will make it my priority to work with neighbors, local law enforcement agencies, and our elected leaders to find solutions to keep our communities safe and reduce the juvenile delinquency rate. We will make the city of South Fulton a safe place to live, work, play and raise our children. 


Since 2013, I’ve volunteered on the financial board for Hapeville Academies; overseeing a $9 million budget and setting policies for allocation of local, state and federal funding. I’m committed to investing in our children’s future and partnering with local businesses, parents, and the School Board to provide supplemental educational opportunities. As Councilwoman, I will advocate for extended library hours, additional academic programs in our recreational centers, and more school-to-work programs to eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline. 

Fiscal Responsibility 

With over a decade of experience as an Accountant, it will be my top priority to work with the residents of South Fulton to assure financial transparency and prevent unnecessary tax increases. The charter of South Fulton was written to protect residents from having new taxes imposed on them. It provides for homestead exemptions and requires a referendum by the citizens if any new taxes are proposed in the future. This means you will make decisions at the ballot box based on actual revenues and responsible spending.