Meet  Helen Z. Willis

Helen In The Community

Helen Willis has lived in District 3 with her husband 28 year veteran of the Fulton Sheriff Office, Lieutenant Vincent Willis Sr. for over a decade.  She has been active in the community from day one.  Helen has served in leadership roles in various civic and political organizations including:  South Fulton United, Coalition South Fulton Now, Protecting Our Communities and Schools, South Metro Democratic Women's Council, and Fulton County Democratic Party.

Helen currently serves as a financial board member on Hapeville Charter Career Academy. 

After graduating from the Savannah State University, Helen began her career in government working for the Georgia Department of Labor and advanced in various roles: Jobs for Georgia Graduates Specialist, Field Tax Auditor, and Assistant Manager for Unemployment Insurance Employer Accounts. She earned a Master degree of Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School of Management and advanced in her career with  Fortune 500 company ADP, Inc. as Sr. Tax Analyst. She is currently working as a Senior Payroll Tax Analyst for a private company.

Helen is currently working on a task force with High Crimes in South Fulton community group who are working with Fulton County Police Department and the DA's office to combat high crime in South Fulton.

"I'm committed to the community and dedicated to progress. I will work hard for residents in Council District 3 neighborhood by neighborhood." 

Thank you,
Helen Willis